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Fuerte Amor 8 is a brand geared in support of the “Strong Love” for an individual along the different autism spectrums. May it be the love of a mother, father, caregiver, grandparent, teacher, sibling, or friend show your vitality in love with style.

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What Are The Three Levels of Autism?

(Resource: The place for children with autism)
ASD Level 1 - Requiring Support: Level 1 is the mildest, or “highest functioning” form of autism, which includes those who would have previously been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Individuals with ASD level 1 may have difficulty understanding social cues and may struggle to form and maintain personal relationships.
ASD Level 2 - Requiring Substantial Support: Social communication and repetitive behaviors present themselves more obviously in children with ASD level 2 than in children with level 1 autism. Children on this level have challenges in verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as reduced or abnormal responses to social cues.
ASD Level 3 - Requiring Very Substantial Support: ASD level 3 is characterized by severe challenges in social communication as well as extremely inflexible behavior. Children with level 3 autism will be nonverbal or have the use of only a few words of intelligible speech. Initiation of social interaction is very limited, as well as response to others. An individual at this level may interact with others abnormally, and only to meet immediate needs.

JJ is non verbal autistic. He is of Iranian & Puerto Rican descent. He loves music and he loves to eat crunchy food. JJ has a beautiful aura of acceptance & serenity. Thank you very much for supporting Fuerte Amor 8. 

Fuerte Amor 8

Strong Love and Acceptance for the Difference in Nuro Diversity.

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